40,000 Volts Electrolyte Concentrate

40,000 VOLTS! Electrolyte Concentrate can turn any beverage into an electrolyte sports replacement drink. 40,000 VOLTS! is created by blending ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops and Utah Sea Minerals in a base of liquid potassium citrate.


Aids vitality and overall health nutritionally with natural, soluble, ionic minerals and trace minerals.

Why trace minerals?

The soil our food is grown in today isn’t what it used to be. Aggressive farming practices are draining our soils of minerals and they’re not being replenished. On top of it, the use of fertilizers and pesticides are adding to the problem. The result? Fruits and vegetables that are deficient in minerals. This means the food you’re eating today isn’t as nutritious as it once was. What does that mean? It means your body is becoming more and more deficient in minerals. When your body is deficient, it doesn’t work correctly. Why? Because chemical and electrical processes are occurring within your body at every moment. These processes can only function correctly if the proper balance of minerals is continually being supplied to your system. It is essential that you replenish your body with the elements it expends daily.