Where do you live?

I lived in a camper van, named Beartha, with my partner Matt and our hairless cat, Rumi, all of 2018! This year, we bought a house! Watch the reveal video here. Watch the official House Tour here!

What do you typically eat in a day?

I eat a plant-based diet that mostly consists of whole fruits, vegetables, smoothies, juices and the occasional grains and starches. A typical day for me usually begins with lemon water and a cup of the Earth Mama Herbal Reset tea. That is followed by a glass of water containing my daily amino acid supplement, and then a breakfast of whole fruit or a smoothie. I take my daily multi-vitamin after breakfast and continue through the day eating greens, cooked veggies and healthy grains and/or starches. 

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Do you exercise?


Yes! I believe it is very important to move your body daily. I alternate between calisthenics & weight training Monday through Sunday. I also make sure I get some stretching & yoga in every single day. 

What is your favorite food?


Dates, persimmons, watermelon, bananas & avocados. I could live off of these foods forever!

What is your zodiac sign?


Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Virgo

Mercury: Scorpio

Venus: Sagittarius

Mars: Sagittarius