In an extremely short period of time, Veladya Chapman has risen to become one of the most sought after influencers in the wellness, lifestyle and health industry. Within her first year on social media, Veladya grew to over 100,000 highly-engaged followers and subscribers.


Veladya is a Carnegie Mellon University alumni with a Bachelor’s degree in Acting & Musical Theatre. She has gone on to perform on Broadway in the Tony Award winning musical, The Book of Mormon and guest-starred in roles on series like CBS’ Instinct. 


While working as a professional actress, Veladya attended the Institute for Transformational Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. 

Veladya now helps heal people from all over the world through her books, educational Youtube videos, personalized wellness plans and public speaking. 


Veladya is a prominent figure in the wellness and reproductive health community having influenced millions of people to elevate their lifestyles. Her rapid online growth has led to many eyes awaiting her next moves including top tier brands and event hosts. 


A true creative, Veladya is known for merging her talents and knowledge to produce inspiring and life-changing content that has reached over 2 million people to date. 


Veladya is a strong advocate for plant-based nutrition, sustainable living, and unconditional love for all beings.