Affirmations for Manifesting Love is a text intended to guide all beings towards attracting and implementing the most powerful force in our universe. 

This book is for those seeking to be uplifted by the love vibration in any aspect of life, whether that be in personal relationships, professional partnerships, self-practices, or even in your perception of the state of the planet and those who dwell here. 

The love frequency is supreme and it rules all. 

When one learns to master the art of seeing the world through the lens of unconditional love, one learns to master the practice of choosing high vibrating thoughts and behaviors. 

With this power, our goals, hopes and dreams can much more easily be obtained. 




*This product is available for electronic download only. When you purchase the book, you will be directed to a download page. There will also be an email sent to you, containing the link to downoad the books. The email might be from "Sellfy" so check your spam/junk mail if you cannot locate it.


Once purchased, you are not eligible for a refund. If you have any difficulties accessing the download, contact me and I will help as soon as possible!


Affirmations for Manifesting Love Ebook


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    "I no longer suffer from vaginal dryness. Thank you for teaching women about this natural alternative."

    - Michelle from Chicago, IL

    "It feels so soothing to do this, I had to buy 2 more packages just in case you sell out. This is now a part of my regular self-love routine!"

    - Kim from Dallas, TX

    "I thought this was the strangest thing ever until I saw your Youtube video about it and you convinced me to try it for my cramps. Since steaming for a few months, I can actually see a difference! My cramps have eased up and I feel so much more connected to myself."

    - Dana from Wisconsin 

    "I love the simple packaging and how great it smells. I will be getting more for my mom and sister. Thanks."

    - Trish from Miami, FL

    "I got all my girlfriends at work doing this now!" 

    - Maya from Atlanta, GA

    "My partner and I have noticed that sex is more pleasurable now that I've started steaming regularly. I don't feel dry as much, I love it. "

    - Rebecca from San Diego, CA

    "Ever since I started steaming with your blend, I've noticed my periods are coming regularly again!"

    - Jennifer from Pheonix, AZ


    "My digestion has been so off for the past month or so, probably from the Holiday food, so I got this tea hoping it would give me a natural alternative to the laxatives I sometimes take. Woah! I'm so glad I purchased it. I'm having regular bowel movements now but I feel so much more secure knowing that this is gentle and safer for my body. Thanks, Earth Mama. Will be buying again." 

    - Sarah from Houston, TX

    "My skin is clearing up! Thank you!"

    -Daisha from Detroit, MI

    "The bloating has gotten soooo much better. I drink it in the evening after a meal with extra ginger and it makes it much easier to fall asleep peacefully without my usual bloated tummy." 

    -LeeAnne from Lawrence, KS

    "Girl! Every morning I get a donut from Dunkin before work, but when I bought this tea I said it was going to help me get my fresh start into better habits. I swear when I drink it on the way to work, I DON'T WANT THE DONUT! Haha. It really helps with cravings late at night too. I gotta get more! Thanks, V."

    - Demaris from New York City, NY 

    "I am using this to help with cravings and I really feel a shift in my mind set since using it. It helps me stay disciplined when I drink it twice a day."

    Shawn from Atlanta, GA

    "I'm so happy it actually tastes good. I was worried it would be gross but it has a nice earthy, nutty flavor to it. It pairs well with honey."

    - Reed from Los Angeles, CA



    "The Affirmations for Manifesting Love book changed everything about how I see myself and the world around me. Thank you, Veladya."

    - Beth from Allentown, PA

    "I've been saying the money affirmations every day and I swear they're working. I've never had this much in my bank account before..."

    Star from Macon, GA

    "My relationship with my husband has never been better since I bought the manifesting love book. Even he says the affirmations now too. Thank you so much!"

    Nora from Brookings, Oregon

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