Small ceramic vase with textured paint on outside. Absolutely beautiful in person. 

Perfect for small wildflowers

7 inches tall.

Ceramic Textured Vase


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    "I no longer suffer from vaginal dryness. Thank you for teaching women about this natural alternative."

    - Michelle from Chicago, IL

    "It feels so soothing to do this, I had to buy 2 more packages just in case you sell out. This is now a part of my regular self-love routine!"

    - Kim from Dallas, TX

    "I thought this was the strangest thing ever until I saw your Youtube video about it and you convinced me to try it for my cramps. Since steaming for a few months, I can actually see a difference! My cramps have eased up and I feel so much more connected to myself."

    - Dana from Wisconsin 

    "I love the simple packaging and how great it smells. I will be getting more for my mom and sister. Thanks."

    - Trish from Miami, FL

    "I got all my girlfriends at work doing this now!" 

    - Maya from Atlanta, GA

    "My partner and I have noticed that sex is more pleasurable now that I've started steaming regularly. I don't feel dry as much, I love it. "

    - Rebecca from San Diego, CA

    "Ever since I started steaming with your blend, I've noticed my periods are coming regularly again!"

    - Jennifer from Pheonix, AZ


    "My digestion has been so off for the past month or so, probably from the Holiday food, so I got this tea hoping it would give me a natural alternative to the laxatives I sometimes take. Woah! I'm so glad I purchased it. I'm having regular bowel movements now but I feel so much more secure knowing that this is gentle and safer for my body. Thanks, Earth Mama. Will be buying again." 

    - Sarah from Houston, TX

    "My skin is clearing up! Thank you!"

    -Daisha from Detroit, MI

    "The bloating has gotten soooo much better. I drink it in the evening after a meal with extra ginger and it makes it much easier to fall asleep peacefully without my usual bloated tummy." 

    -LeeAnne from Lawrence, KS

    "Girl! Every morning I get a donut from Dunkin before work, but when I bought this tea I said it was going to help me get my fresh start into better habits. I swear when I drink it on the way to work, I DON'T WANT THE DONUT! Haha. It really helps with cravings late at night too. I gotta get more! Thanks, V."

    - Demaris from New York City, NY 

    "I am using this to help with cravings and I really feel a shift in my mind set since using it. It helps me stay disciplined when I drink it twice a day."

    Shawn from Atlanta, GA

    "I'm so happy it actually tastes good. I was worried it would be gross but it has a nice earthy, nutty flavor to it. It pairs well with honey."

    - Reed from Los Angeles, CA



    "The Affirmations for Manifesting Love book changed everything about how I see myself and the world around me. Thank you, Veladya."

    - Beth from Allentown, PA

    "I've been saying the money affirmations every day and I swear they're working. I've never had this much in my bank account before..."

    Star from Macon, GA

    "My relationship with my husband has never been better since I bought the manifesting love book. Even he says the affirmations now too. Thank you so much!"

    Nora from Brookings, Oregon

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