I am currently not offering 1:1 counseling sessions while I prepare for the birth of our baby. Please check back after the spring.

Life Counseling


In this private, 1 hour session, we will discuss everything that

is holding you back from the

living the life you desire.  


I will teach you methods of balancing your mental wellness, elevating your relationship with yourself and how to develop healthy connections with others. 


We will dive deep until we get to the core of your higher self and find steps necessary to rise up and conquer your journey. 

Every life counseling client receives:

1 hour Skype video chat


Journaling Prompts

1 free copy of an Affirmations book of your choice

Book recommendations

Limited email contact for follow-up questions





In this private, 30 minute session, I will assess your current health condition and formulate a path for your healing.


I will recommend foods, supplements and practices just for you and your personal elevation. 


Every health counseling client receives: 


1 30 minute Skype video chat

Follow-up email including:


The Earth Mama Medicine Grocery Shopping List

The Earth Mama Medicine Foods to Avoid List 

Book recommendations & Recipes

Limited email contact for follow-up questions





Want to learn how to have a

successful online business? 

In this special service, I will help kickstart your career while providing insights, knowledge, and direction to ensure you are on your path to success. 

Wondering how to create a professional website, top-notch Youtube videos or a prospering Instagram page? 

You came to the right place. 

I will help you develop your brand with a message that moves and products/services that sell.


Online entrepreneurship is the way of the future! It's time to leave that job that makes you miserable and step into your power. You can make money doing what YOU want to do!

Learn from someone who's doing it!

Book a business counseling session today.

Every business counseling client receives:


1 hour Skype video chat session

Reviewal of your existing work and feedback

Limited email contact for follow-up questions